Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Brand New Year, Brand New DECADE! WHAT?!?!?!?!

I will try ONCE AGAIN to be better at blogging more!  I have gone through SO.MANY. seasons of life over the past decade and blogging always was one of my favorite things but became so much more difficult to do with Facebook making it SO much easier!  I will "try" my hand at it again this year.....we'll see!

This is going to be a GREAT year, not just because it's a chance for a fresh start, new beginnings, BUT it's also the FIRST year of a NEW decade for ME!  



Seriously though, I am more excited than I thought I would be about turning 40!  It's in a way empowering, very freeing.  I am not the "girl" I grew up being told I was from my father.  I am not the 20 year old trying to find someone to love me.  I am not the 30 something year old looking for validation and affirmation.  I am a 40 year old, strong, fierce, loving, smart, kind and thoughtful wife, mother, daughter and friend.  If you don't believe me, look at my Facebook page, LOL!  I was given so many beautiful words, thoughts, and well wishes today.  I was reminded today just how loved, respected and cared about I really am.  It was beautiful.  The phone calls, the messages, texts, and posts were icing on the cake today, so THANK YOU to everyone for taking the time to do that. It truly meant alot to me.  Shit, this decade is going to ROCK!  I just know it!

My day couldn't have been better!  I slept in until 8, took the kids to a Dr. Seuss Exhibit at Art For The People Gallery in Austin, stopped by Homeslice Pizza for lunch and tiramisu, followed by a deluxe pedi with my bestie, and some delicious Avocado B.L.Ts at home with my family.  Chris is planning something for Saturday but I have NO clue what and that excites me! 

I woke up to this (Anna is so great at showing love and affection)...


A few more pics from our trip into Austin...


LOVED the Dr. Seuss exhibit!

Came home to my new washing machine delivered (I truly am excited about this one!) and a Birthday Balloon Bouquet from my dear friend that now lives too far away up in New Hampshire!!

I played with my kids, had a cup of coffee brought to me by my son and wanted so very much to bottle up every minute of this day which is why I had to blog it! God knows my memory isn't getting any better....hahahahaha!

I couldn't be luckier!

From this LOVE right here, 
I got THESE 3 beautiful gifts...

I am TOTALLY entering this decade with a FUCK IT attitude.  I don't need to prove anything to anybody.  I am who I am. I will continue on my path, make mistakes as I go, but forgive myself as I make them because I am human. So, 2016, I am ready for you! Let's do it!