Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nesting, Organizing, Crafting, Couponing, OHMY!

I guess that's what this stage of pregnancy is all about! LOL April is all about Easter, spring crafts, Christopher's Birthday party along with baby planning!!

I have decided since I have 3 full months before our little girl arrives, I will work on each of their bedrooms month by month. Adrianna's is easy, just have to paint. Christopher's, well that's another story since we are doing a superhero room and that's SO out of my league! Thank God for a superhero geek that's such a great friend of ours....looking to him for designing - LOL! Then there is our sweet baby girl's room, I'm saving her's for last after my baby shower to see what is left to do in there. That also gives me time to make a canvas or two, a bowmaker and figure out how her room will be put together.

So this is my plan:

Just finish up painting the downstairs and get curtains for the kitchen. The rest of decor will be on hold and we aren't working on painting the upstairs for now either. I do have a cool idea for the kids' bathroom, but that will have to wait,not in budget. :o)
* Have a garage Sale

* Adrianna's Room: Paint
* Christopher's birthday party: Baseball theme, decide on decor, cake and location
* Easter Baskets: I'm thinking of doing beach like themes this year. They both need new swimsuits so I'm going to do something like this and stuff it with swimming stuff:
* Christopher's room: Paint, work on wall decor, buy some shelving (thank God it's garage sale season!)
* Start planning my freezer dinner stockpile for when baby arrives.
* Baby Shower!!

* Baby's room: Paint, decorate and buy anything else needed that I didn't borrow or get from my shower.
* Cook and Bake away to freeze for when baby arrives.

That's a rough draft for now. :o)

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