Monday, August 19, 2013

Morning Meeting Board

Well, we have had an AWESOME summer (collage pics to come later this week!), it is time for me to slowly get back into "School Groove"!  I've had all our curriculum purchased since July and have the school room "together" enough so now it's just working on details, the fun stuff.....first up....

Our Morning Meeting Board!
I'm thinking we will do this downstairs after breakfast, do Bible, and then head upstairs to move on with the workboxes! Again, I'm "thinking", we will play it by ear and see how it goes!  Planning in pencil, ALWAYS!

I got the idea from the homeschool mama that has helped lead me, encourage me and pour into me over the past year!  Funny thing is I reconnected with her hubby (same highschool graduating class....thanks Facebook!) and saw communication with her and another friend of mine regarding crafting, etc., etc.....well come to find out she HOMESCHOOLED too! Just wish she was here and not Massachusetts! LOL  This lady ROCKS!  She crafts, she bakes, she educates, she's a Christ centered, loving, giving, VERY special soul that I'm honored to call a friend!  It's funny how you can connect with someone and instantly become friends, God works in such amazing ways like that!!  Go check out her blog here!

When I first ventured into the Homeschool world, I had the guidance and support of ONE friend, now I'm surrounded by homeschooling mamas!  Even our little town is FILLING UP with them!  How cool is that??!!  I'll be blogging more about my excitement, my fear, and a day in the life of course!  I just wanted to put some links here to help support and encourage other moms.  These things are time savers which equal LIFE SAVERS to me! LOL

Everything I printed I found from the links on Di's page here.

I printed the shapes from here.

The other supplies I used are:

* Laminator, They also sell them at Walgreens for same price!
* Laminating Pouches, best deal is 100 on Amazon but I ran out and picked up a 20 pack at Walgreens for $5.99 today. (was NOT waiting to order or I would never have finished the board today! LOL)
* Hole Punch
* Generic Command Hooks from Dollar Tree
* Velcro from Dollar General
* Calendar, dates, months all from Dollar Tree yesterday
* Tri Fold board, $2 at Walmart
* Metal rings, picked up 8 pack at Walmart yesterday for $2. Should have ordered them online but again, didn't want to wait. 

Hope this helps save some mom a little time! 

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