Monday, February 16, 2015

January 2015 in Review

Kids started their "Aruba" Savings Jars

I had such a GREAT birthday with my favorite people! I was surprised at 5am with balloons on my bike at RPM! (Thanks Kim!)

Cutest gift was this fruit basket Sofia made for me. I LOVE them at this age when they like to take a bag or basket and create your gift from things around the house! These are my favorite gifts!

Photo bombed by big sis, I love to watch Fifi play. She will sit and pretend play for HOURS!!!

Another favorite bday gift was my first fireplace set after all these years!!! Thanks mom!!!

A peek at our day

Anna was working on drawing out advertisements for swim companies for fun!

We celebrated my love's birthday out to eat at Saltgrass, mom's treat and it was delish!!!!

Library with Homeschool Group. Sofia is really into writing and drawing lately, more than usual!

Excited fir their Spring Swimsuits!
My little scientist!

She created a clothesline for her babies' clothes, LOVE her creativity!

FAVORITE January moment caught by camera!
"My Boy"

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