Monday, July 19, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 7/19

I had a great conversation with my running buddy Kim this morning (don't know what I'd do without her!!) about balance and routine. We are both kindred spirits in some very specific areas and I'm hoping together we can conquer this "balance" thing! I got to thinking about accountability and figured I'd put myself, ideas, menus, etc out there again that way I can't NOT do what I'm supposed to do if people are looking for it each week! LOL

So here it goes, Menu Plan Monday back again! My husband leaves for a store opening in Vegas tomorrow and is gone for 2 weeks so I'm going to try to save on the grocery budget for sure!! We have VBS all week this week so I figured the easiest thing I can do would be a "Sandwich Themed Week"!


Monday- BLTs and fruit salad
Tuesday- Tuna Melts and veggies with dip
Wednesday - Dinner with Friends, bringing dessert
Thursday - Portobello Mushroom and Veggie Quesadillas and Sweet Potato Fries
Friday - VBS Family Pizza Night , bringing (2) 2L drinks
Saturday - MNO....bday party and sleepover
Sunday- Egg Sandwiches and Fruit

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