Friday, April 12, 2013

Live YOUR Truth!

Yeah, yeah, yeah....I know, not blogging much besides my Menu Plan (so I can keep track, LOL)....I'm in a "season" right now.  Three months into my homeschool journey, coming up for air from a looooonnnnggg period of what seemed like "suffocation", distress and sadness of a close relationship ending, addressing/hashing out my feelings/emotions......sort of like walking through a desert for 7 months!

I am feeling more secure and confident in my homeschooling with some new friends and amazing support/knowledge.  I am ready to "visit" churches.  I lost a good portion of the weight I put on from all this "junk" thanks to my 10 day cleanse.  I feel like I'm in a "good" place mentally.  I've come to truly accept what I cannot change.



I heard this song on the radio on the way to my HS Group Ice Cream Social and it hit home with me!

Life is FULL of seasons, good AND bad, easy AND tough.  I have a husband and family that love me, love ME and accept all that comes with me.  I have some amazing friends that do the same and am SO fortunate for THAT.

I saw this post on Facebook this morning and had to post it here so I can look back on it.....I've always LOVED blue little birds, well yellow ones too, lol. Something about "little birdies" that make me happy!

Here's to a NEW season!!!  This past one was TOUGH so I know it can ONLY get better!!

Live your truth. It is liberating. ♥

Whether anyone else agrees with you or not, your truth is your truth. Align with that - and let everyone else seek their own inner alignment. Then together, we will all walk in Love.

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