Sunday, December 1, 2013

Jibby Returns

One of my favorite things to do during the Christmas season is play with our Elf on a Shelf, Jibby! This is our third year and the kids LOVE it!! Who am I kidding?? I LOVE IT too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

They were surprised with their "North Pole Breakfast" and goodies that Jibby brought them when he arrived in his air balloon, lol.

I have learned to do what I can do without killing myself! I wanted to do the donuts as snowmen, snowman pancakes with bacon scarves but just didn't want to get up at 6am to do it today and guess what? THEY WERE STILL THRILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I sat this afternoon and worked on a calendar to save myself time this year...

Tonight we start our Advent Calendar and Jesse Tree!  While I LOVE having fun with the *magic* of Christmas, it's also important to focus on the reason for the season!!!

Have fun this month my friends!!! Lower your expectations just a tad so you can kick back and enjoy it all!!!!  I know I am!

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