Monday, December 9, 2013

The Season of Hope!

Life is hard.

Your hard may look like paradise to me, but truth is...

Life is hard.

Our "hard" looks different from each other. But hard is relative.

This Christmas season, usually my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE time of the year, I've not been "myself".

I've been dragged town physically with this stupid hand. 

I've put on 15 pounds this year that has completely depressed me.  

I took on one of the BIGGEST roles to date with homeschooling my 3 children.  

Chris's schedule has been more intense, keeping him away more than either of us would like.

My mom has been sick with this heart condition that we are still just WAITING around before we can move forward with surgery and on to the Pulmonary issues.

Our household has lost 3 streaming income sources and our expenses have gone up.

Did I mention Homeschooling?

It all just seems so hard.

My mood is gloomy.  My energy levels are down.  I'm overwhelmed.  I'm human.

Life is hard.

I was reminded this weekend while volunteering at our local Orange Santa Food/Toy drive, that it's hard for EVERYONE!  Well, at some level or another, it's hard.  My main duty on Saturday for the 2 hours I was there was to smile, greet the families and give them a little bit of hope with my positive energy.  This is WAY different from the role I had in the past with Orange Santa. (it was wonderful!!!)  But this year, I was called to look the moms in the eye and hope they felt my heart when I wished them Merry Christmas.

My friends, new and old have given me hope this past weekend.

My sisters (Beni and Ruth) have listened and loved on me during one of the hardest seasons in my life.

I am always the "leader", the  "fearless", "can do anything" girl.

But I've been knocked to my knees and what better time than during this season???

The season of Hope!

I'm putting this out there to remind me as I move forward TODAY, that each day is a gift.  Life is supposed to be hard, it's finding the beauty along the way that makes it all worth it!

So, I said to the kids, "Pack up the school books".....we are on VACATION for the month!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This mama needs it!

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