Wednesday, April 29, 2015

We all need a break......

There are times when we ALL just.need.a.break.  I hit that point and hit it H.A.R.D!

I took a break from Facebook to help get some inner perspective.  I felt like I needed to get "my life" back!  It's so easy to sit in bed, at the table, on the couch, at the school table, in the car, at swim, even at the park, and just SCROLL AWAY.  It's easy to feel like you are "connected" when you really aren't.  It's easy to fill your much needed quiet time, with the busyness of everyone elses lives.  It's EASY to self sabotage.  Do NOT get me wrong, I do see value in Facebook and yes, I have missed the daily jokes, family pics, friends' posts, etc.  But I felt like I was losing mysef and felt like Facebook wasn't helping me.

I took a break.

I found my focus again.

I realized my purpose again.

It's so easy for some of us, ESPECIALLY ME, to get SO distracted!  

It's so easy to lose myself when...

I don't make the time for quiet,
I don't make the time for creativity,
I don't make the time to SIT. STILL and listen to my children talk,
I don't make the time for my husband,
I don't make the time to dream,
I don't make the time for my home,
I don't make the time to spend MORE time outside,
I dont' make the time to have a person to person conversation with family and friends.

Taking a break helped me make time for ALL of the things listed above and helped me find my groove again.  It takes a conscious effort day by day, week by week, but I know when I'm losing that sense of "balance" and "inner peace" AND I know what to do to get it back.

Even if it seemed silly to just DEACTIVATE, it's what I needed to do to REFOCUS.  I'm hoping reactivating my account with some discipline will help this time around!  I am a work in progress, always trying to find ways to be the BEST me I possibly can.  It's hard to do that when you lose your focus on YOUR specific needs, YOUR heart's desire.

Spring refreshes my soul, it's no wonder why I LOVE it so much!

Life is meant to be LIVED, not "watched", very good quote to remember!

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