Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hellooooo Summer!!!!

When I take a break from blogging, I DON'T.KNOW.WHERE.TO.START.

This can be paralyzing, but like most things I do in life, I say screw it and just get it done! Overthinking gets you NOWHERE in my book! I will sum up in each paragraph highlights from the past couple months with a few pics! We have a BUSY couple of months! But life is SUCH a beautiful adventure!!!

Enchanted Rock 2015

It was our first time and a beautiful site for sure!  Perfect day for it and I look forward to exploring more IN THE FALL, lol...

Team Auditore/Kimball!
Family Muddy Miler 2015

Sofia was NOT having it again this year so she stayed home with daddy.  Let's hope she will join us next spring!  It was so much fun!  Who doesn't like to come home with mud in EVERY. SINGLE. CRACK AND CREVICE???!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
BEFORE the mud!

Dirty kids!  Anna and Parker ESPECIALLY loved getty muddy!

My adventurer! My strong boy!


She says we need someone to photograph it all, I say she doesn't want to get dirty! LOL

Kentucky Derby 2015

I went to my first ever Kentucky Derby Party and it was QUICK, but fun! LOL  Michelle is a great hostess.  I had my first Mint Julep too, it was tasty!

Mother's Day 2015

It was delightful!  I spent the morning spoiled by Chris and the kids and spent the afternoon shopping for our New York trip!  This is one of my favorite holidays because it reminds me that my dreams really have come true!!!

I adore this little boy.

She is my silly little girl!  Sweet and serious, always aware of EVERYTHING, seems so grown up most days but then reminds me how young she really is when she is goofy!  LOVE her!!!

God help me, she's a mini me.....I'm in trouble. Hahahahaha

New York Trip 2015

Well, there are no words!  I LOVED it, the kids LOVED it, Chris planned THE PERFECT trip and itinerary, and we can't wait to go back!!  Chris made an awesome video that I cannot upload due to the file size so once I figure it out, I'll put it in a separate post!
Greatest gift EVER, my family!
This man has my WHOLE HEART!

Skeese Greets Triathlon 2015

I did my first Tri since 2010!!!  I survived it, it wasn't easy, but I'm pumped to move forward into other races now!  So far, I'm registered for Rock n Roll San Antonio Full Marathon (12/2015) and RnR New Orleans Full Marathon (2/2015 - - girl's weekend!), BECAUSE I'M CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I want to end my 39th year with a marathon and begin my 40th year with a marathon.....yes, because I'm a NUT! Hey, we all have our hobbies, LOL!

Bought my FIRST Tri Suit!

5 years later....
Checking out the water before the race!
Shit, am I really doing this?????!!!!

My Number ONE supporter, ALWAYS!

2015 Aqua Tex Tuesday Night Races

This wasn't a huge meet for the kids, but they had fun and got to hang out afterwards with their team and coaches at Five Guys Burgers!  I explained to them that not EVERY meet is going to be their best, but as long as they do their best, that's all that matters.

*side note*  Don't let the kids spend the day in the pool when they have an evening, outdoor swim meet again! LMAO!

My life is crazy beautiful and while some may think I'm all over the place, hell I even think that sometimes, I really wouldn't want my life any other way!  I seek adventure.  I love FUN. I wander about not always having clear direction, but it's who I am!  I look forward to summer fun before we get back in the grind at the end of August!  Who knows, maybe I'll even blog some more before then! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

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