Saturday, February 21, 2009

Marriage Weekend

We have a marriage conference this weekend sponsored by our church and I'm so excited to be going! We've been through this already but it's always fun to invest a weekend talking about one of the most important things in our life, our marriage. Chris and I are quite opposite in some ways but also share an important personality trait that should make us bump heads a little but with the other part of his personality, he just doesn't have the "heart" to do it. :o)

Our weekend is pretty much going to be spent, 3-6 at the conference today followed by a mandatory date night tonight asking each other questions and then tomorrow from 10-3. It's really cool because our pastor uses the disc profiling to give us worksheets telling us about our personality types and it's really neat to think about our relationship on a "logical, statistical" level rather than just emotional, which is how I usually thing about it as and react to it in as well. It brings a whole new level of respect to the relationship when you understand why you each do the things you do and react in the ways that you do.

I was thinking this morning about when we first started this personality stuff and had our friends Amanda and Jeremy in our group. It was fun because she and Jeremy have VERY similiar personality types so it was so easy to look over at her and nod my head, knowing where we're coming from. Her husband is an "S" personality just like Chris and she and I both have "D" and "I" types, hers is a little stronger on the I and mine is a little stronger on the D. Then there are our very good friends both with C personalities and she is more "S" so she ALWAYS gets where Chris comes from and usually agrees with him, it's quite hilarious and I think that's why she is one of my very best friends....I love the "S"! :o)

There are quite a few new families in our church now, so I'm really looking forward to getting to know some of them more and see how we match up with them. This weekend is going to be lots of fun!! I can't wait!!!

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Dee said...

what material do these marriage weekends use? just curious - sounds like a great time! so important to take time and reinvest in our marriages!