Monday, November 1, 2010

Chosen, Me? Really?

I've been chosen! Me? Really? Is this a joke????

So I've been really pensive lately, analyzing a ton of different things in my life! I think it's been spurred on by the running, seriously. I usually keep my mind WAY TOO BUSY to focus on anything for too long, but my long runs FORCE me to do just that...think!

I wanted to share some things that I think are just plain AWESOME! They may not seem super special to everyone but I'm just BLOWN AWAY by it all! This may go all over the place since I don't reread my posts a hundred times, don't always spellcheck and/or edit...I just process out loud and hit here I go!

As many of you know I have a heart for Hutto's Orange Santa program, gathering and distributing toys for families in need. Well, a few weeks ago I was put in touch with a gentleman that is the President of an amazing group called Celebration of Love. His vision started with just him and a handful of families reaching out to do what we do in Hutto, for our soldiers in Fort Hood after being inspired by his experience with this program in California. He had the heart and passion to help others and let God lead the way. Never giving up, overcoming some obstacles I'm sure, he has now, 7 years later grown to support not just the soldiers, but now almost 10 school districts, has a food pantry and resource center and just gives his life away to show God's love to others! I'm BLOWN AWAY at how excited he was to meet me and help us reach even more families than we have in the past.

I walked into a meeting today at his office, looking at an executive meeting table full of people older than me, more educated than me, with more life experience than me too I'm sure and I felt like I was going to have a minor panic attack! LOL I put a smile of my face, wiped my clammy hands on my blue jeans and made eye contact with a sweet lady that I later found out is a member of a church in Georgetown trying to do more of what we do at my church! We got to chatting a bit, I finally was able to relax, chew on my gum and jump right into the conversation asking tons of questions like I usually do! I made everyone laugh a couple times as I settled into feeling like "Gina". I was asked for my business card by a few people, and as funny as it sounds, I gave them my "family contact card" explaining that I'm just a stay at home mom that values community outreach so it's nothing fancy, has all my kiddos names on it as well as my contact info! :o) I approached the President and VP of COL asking some more questions, then moved onto the Marine Corps SSgt Hargrave who is the Toys for Tots Coordinator, then onto some of the other school district heads and left the office beaming, FULL OF EXCITEMENT!

After a very great meeting, I sat in the car and realized my hands were sweaty and shaking, heart was racing and I had a permanent smile plastered to my face!!!!



Broken, insecure Gina?

It just hit me full force and I started to pray right there at the light on Vision Drive asking God if this is what he has been preparing me for the past 4 years!


All my flaws, my crazy past, my insecurities, my crazy mind that can never focus . . . Gina . . . the girl that has never been "good enough" is actually GOOD ENOUGH!

And you know what they say about God, he gives in abundance. The wealth and riches are NOT financial, we make it, but JUST make it and that's okay. The riches that he gives me grab my heart, take hold of me and won't ever go away!! How amazing is that?!?!?!!?!!

Not only is he showing me that sure, I can help people, but he has put others in my path to help bless people in abundance!!!

Orange Santa has provided families with toys and it's been a great program!! I'm just so passionate about it and blown away at how everyone comes together to pull it off! But now this year, not only are we able to give gifts to these children but with the help of Toys for Tots and COL, we are going to be able to use our fundraising money to FEED THEM ALL!!!!

Yep, you read that correctly, FEED THEM ALL....300 FAMILIES here in Hutto!!!!! We typically collect toys, raise money and use that money to buy the rest of the gifts to fill the wish lists but now with the help of Toys4Tots and COL all of the money we collect will go to give these families a Turkey dinner, complete with sides, rolls, pie and a half gallon of milk!!!


$26 feeds a family of 10....that's all it takes!! If any of you have the heart to give, it's so easy to make such a HUGE impact with such a small sacrifice.

I truly am blown away today.

I've been working through so many things on so many levels and my eyes were opened this afternoon. I got a small glimpse of the HUGE picture of God's plan for me and my family. My friend Kyle said it really well so I'm copying him . . .

"I'm writing my story as I go."

I am choosing to follow my heart, and I know that God will lead me in the direction I need to be going.

WOW, what a way to kick off a new week and a new month!!! :o)

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