Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fall Festival Fun

Sofia and I met up with some moms yesterday from a Hutto Mom's Group and had a blast!  This was my first time meeting most of the moms though we comment on each others stuff on Facebook all the time we had yet to meet in person, LOL!  Sofia was the oldest in this group today since most of them were around 2 so that was definitely weird for me.  I'm so used to her being the "baby" not the big girl!!

Something really cool happened for me yesterday.  I was completely affirmed in my "people loving", if that makes sense.  I have been hurt alot over the past few months but yesterday gave me hope and reminded me that I "DO" make friends easily, I'm relaxed and in my element when it comes to meeting people and being social and so were those other moms too! It was awesome!

Facebook can be great for meeting and getting to know people, especially moms since we don't have the opportunity in a group setting with toddlers to TRULY have a conversation! Ha!  BUT it can also "show" a life that isn't completely what it "IS" for real.  I heard the phrase "Super Mom" and was told how great I do this or that so you know I had to correct that on the spot.  I LOVE TO CRAFT, am always on the go, and love to have fun with my kids, yes. BUT, I"m also way hyper and have problems sitting still! The thing that I explained they don't see is what I DON'T post. Locking myself in the bathroom away from screaming kids to have a "mommy time out" and wash my face for a couple minutes so I don't lose my shit on them!  Taking an impromptu nap because I JUST. CAN'T. DO. ANYMORE.  My kids yelling and fighting and me sending them up to their rooms stomping and foul language....yeah the REAL stuff that people don't see but we all go through it at some level.....WE ARE MOMS and have CHILDREN.  It's reality.  My hope is with my transparency and "what you see is what you get" way I am will benefit others!

Anyway, spending the morning with new friends and Fifi then a Halloween potluck with a few of my "old" friends, LOL.....turned out to be a great day!


My life right now feels peaceful.

Thank God!

My and my Baby Girl!!! Meow!
Yes, my big kids had to be "scary"...LOL  Vampire, Zombie Cheerleader and Kitty!

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