Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mama's Sew Crafty

I never would have thought a year ago when my sister bought me my very first sewing machine that I would be making AND selling items made BY ME!  WOW!!!!  My mother in law taught me how to sew a couple of years ago and I was always borrowing her machine!  I've done applique shirts, nap mat covers, aprons, pillows and even curtains over the years but since I got my machine, I was on a sewing hiatus! Life was just getting too "busy" for me.  I was doing all I could to keep my head above water that sewing was THE LAST thing I was thinking of.  Heck, I even bought Sofia's birthday shirt instead of making it myself this year!

Then an old friend came back into my life and helped breathe life back into a very stressed, hurt and distraught Gina.  My friend Amanda inspired me and encouraged on my first steps into the Homeschool world, helped me take steps towards healing from "church" pain and relationships ending, AND inspired/motivated me to dust my machine off.  God whispered to me through her. She made a statement and it just STUCK with me.

"If sewing is something you love to do, you MAKE time for it."

She is a HS mom of 5 kids and I witnessed her focus and determination to bring in extra holiday money doing something that she loved to do, sew.  I had never really thought about sewing for money since the competition out there is BIG!  I have local friends that sew way better than I do, so why bother?  Last month I broke out the machine making a shirt for my niece's birthday and halloween shirts for my kids and I felt ALIVE!  Music, coffee, and my sewing machine brought another level of peace to me.  There is something about that "hum" of the machine that soothes me.  There is something about being "crafty" and "creative" that just simply relaxes me.

I've stepped back alot in many areas of my life. I've been STILL.  I feel more FULL than I have in a long time.  I found peace that I thought would come in "doing" so many other things.  I found JOY in SIMPLICITY.

A friend asked me to make her a shirt and that was it!  Ding Ding!!  Could I make money sewing shirts too? Can I bless my friends and family with gifts made just by ME?  YES! YES! YES!!  One morning, my mom and I sat around looking up names for sewing/crafting blogs and Facebook pages and she came up with "Mama Sew Crazy" but that was already taken of course! LOL  SEW......we came up with Mama's Sew Crafty as a Facebook page instead!!  In two weeks time, I've done Eleven Shirts, 2 bows and a tutu with 7 more to do by the end of this week! WOW!!!!!  I feel BEYOND blessed by all the support on my new venture!

So my Fall days are being spent baking for my family and friends, crafting with the kiddos, enjoying quiet family time on the weekends, crafting and SEWING!!  This season feels GOOD!  This season feels GREAT!  While a couple months ago everything seemed terrible, it has all balanced itself out and I feel the inner peace to move forward.  THANK GOD!

Here are a couple of my orders, complete!


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