Monday, November 19, 2012

Heart FULL of Thanks!

"It is only when we as women learn how to lay down our lives for those in our home, that the home will begin to thrive. "

I just read this quote on Women Living Well blog this morning and I completely identified with it! My home is my haven and all the time I have spent in it has centered me immensely!  I had a season of "busyness" a season of "outward focus" and I know it was part of God's plan for sure. Too much good came from it not to be.  But, I also felt Him call me back home this past summer and I LISTENED. I have come to a place spiritually that I actually can discern His voice and follow Him.  I am SO glad I did.  Big changes are coming and it's all Him, I just KNOW it!  Just like I *knew* moving to Texas was RIGHT, I know this next part of our journey is RIGHT.  This is just part of the ride! :o)

As I begin with the menu, the checklists, the organizing and Christmas thoughts this week (yes, we put the tree up right after Thanksgiving!), I will delight in the "busyness" at home this week!  I will not get overwhelmed. I will ask for help. I will let the kids get more involved (like I even have a choice, they truly have become "assistants" to me in so many ways). I will take it all in and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with family and  cherished friends as this one may be our last here in Texas!  

Heart is FULL of Thanks this year!!  

So, come on and let's bring on the week! I'm ready!!!

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