Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 A Year in Review

I can't believe it's 2009!!!! Chris and I were talking about now we've been married almost a decade, it's crazy. It seems like just yesterday we celebrated the new millennium as newlyweds. :o) Boy does time fly when you're having fun.

The last quarter of 08 was a whirlwind to say the least, but it hasn't kept us from thinking and reminiscing about our special moments in 2008.


*Spent my first New Years Day with my sister in years!
*I had my first grown up slumber party thrown by my girlfriends for my 32nd birthday.
*Christopher climbed out of his crib and became a talking machine.
*Both the kids actually started to play together, laughing and having fun.
*My little baby became a little boy.
*Adrianna played her first sport on her "Lil Horns" Teeball team.
*Chris and I did our first home improvement project, Laminate Flooring.
*We had two awesome birthday parties for the kids, they had so much FUN! (it was worth the work)
*Our church started meeting biweekly and has grown so much.
*We hosted our first Southern Boil party with lots of new friends, it was a BLAST!
*Our family vacation was spent at the beach in Corpus this year. It was the kids' first time fishing, very cool. They both have cool fishing poles for this spring, can't wait!
*We took a trip to Brownsville for the 4th and spent the weekend with family, much needed and SO relaxing!
*Chris and I committed to start making monthly (sometimes biweekly) date nights.
*I grew accustomed to having my acrylics done on a regular basis having my sister living here now. :)
*I went on my first Women's Retreat and have built some amazing new friendships.
*Adrianna gave herself and her brother haircuts. Not a fun day, but DEFINITELY memorable.LOL
*We started a new tradition, "Back to School Party" and called it her Kindergarten Kickoff Party this year, it was WAY FUN, the water slide was the best!
*We continued all of our Italian Holiday traditions, even though I didn't feel well.
*My little girl started school, a very sad day for mommy.
*Adrianna lost her first tooth.
*Adrianna became a Daisy Scout, her first year as a Girl Scout with many more to come!
*We moved into a new house.
*We became landlords.
*We got a dog.
And last but certainly NOT least, we found out I was pregnant!!!

Like I said, crazy, busy, whirlwind of a year, filled with lots of wonderful moments! It ended in a very stressful way, but I wouldn't let that take away from all the amazing moments I've shared with my husband, my children, our family and all our friends. I am SO looking forward to 2009. With the way 08 ended, I just know God has some wonderful plans for us in 09, I just know it!


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