Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Welcome 2ND TRIMESTER!!!!!

I know I must look like a complete emotional lunatic by my crazy posts lately and that really describes what I've felt like! EMOTIONAL, EMOTIONAL, EMOTIONAL. Gotta love being pregnant, LOL. I swear, I'm like a freakin' lightswitch! I don't know what happened to me today but God must have done something to me while I was sleeping, because believe me, I sure prayed alot yesterday and today? Well I feel like a new woman!!!!

Having my mother in law here has helped a ton. She is the type of lady that never sits still. She's always washing something, picking something up, playing with the kids, she never stops. And SHE is what I've been needing, I completely pulled from her energy and was totally motivated. And the result??? Well, let's see...

* not one stitch of laundry dirty, all folded AND put away
* pantry cleaned and organized (you know how important that is to a nut like me!)
* menu planned for the week
* calendar updated
* bills paid
* closets cleaned and organized
* my office, CLEAR OF BOXES, dusted and vacuumed
* kitchen cabinets, wiped down clean
* all the doors around the handles and below . . .free of dirt and fingerprints
* upstairs, clean and vacuumed
* kitchen counters, all cleaned and clutter free
* junk drawer, organized
* dining room, cleaned with a flower arrangement in the center
* windows, clean
* blinds , dusted
* bedding, washed
* floors washed
* bathrooms cleaned, even the floors!
* stairs vacuumed

I'm serious, I'm a nut, my MIL is a nut! And it was a GREAT day! I'm making some gumbo (Paula Deen's recipe) and may even bake cookies, if I don't run out of energy first, LOL! I have the shopping list ready for New Years Day lunch which is usually seafood (good luck) and am looking forward to a seafood marinara and some fried calamari for sure!

What a great way to end the year, on a high . . . THANK YOU GOD! Thank you my wonderful mother in law! I have my outline for our New Years letter along with a list of my personal favorite moments of 08 which I will share with you soon!

Here's to a WONDERFUL DAY!

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