Monday, December 15, 2008

Keeping it Simple

Well, a little over a week and it'll be Christmas. I can't believe it! I have spent the last month in bed feeling horrible and the time has flown by!!! I was feeling so depressed about sitting back while everyone else rushed around to all the sales, all my friends worked on our city's biggest charity project (Orange Santa) providing gifts to over 300 kids, playdates, dinner dates, parties and more. What did I do?!?!? Well, ummm let's see made a couple of arms, legs, get the picture. :o) I've been hard on myself for no good reason! I am feeling a bit better today. I only threw up once so far AND made it through two stores in the freezing 40 degree weather today with my sister to finish up Christmas shopping. It felt great!! I did half of my shopping on Amazon and finished up today.

We are keeping things simple, and those of you who know me know that "simple" isn't really one of the words used in my vocabulary. :o) Simple usually means boring to me, but being forced into doing it has been a blessing in disguise. I've been able to sit and do some soul searching. I've been able to realize a bunch of things about myself, my relationships and most importantly, my family. I am so appreciative of my husband, the most patient, loving and giving man on this earth. Adrianna is doing so wonderful in school, I couldn't ask for more out of her. And my little man, well he is ALL BOY and although it's exhausting, I wouldn't have it any other way. Money is very tight for us this year so there is alot that we didn't do because we just can't. We've decided on 4-5 gifts for each child and a $20 limit on each other. We didn't do Christmas cards, didn't throw any holiday bashes, crazy decorations, or buy gifts for grandparents, aunts/uncles, or cousins. That was the tough decision since I love to give and I love to buy for people to see their faces when they open the presents. Adrianna made adorable picture frames and ornaments for her grandparents accompanied by the picture I already posted of the two of them, hey those are the gifts we cherish the most anyway, right? :o)

The worst part for me was making the decision to KEEP IT SIMPLE, but now that I did, I feel free. I feel good. I had only $5 on me today and gave it to the Salvation Army guy at Walmart and when he took the money, he said "I hope you have a very blessed holiday Ma'm" and I told him I already feel I like I had. I have been more than blessed by the people around me, taking my kids, bringing me meals, showing me love in whatever way they could. I've even reconnected with an old friend that I didn't leave things well with and it feels great.

I hope that all of you take a moment to reevaluate your schedule over the next week and give yourselves a break. Many of us women like to be "Little Marthas", but it's okay to keep it simple. :o)

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