Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Ever have someone say something to you that had NOTHING TO DO with Spirituality but you just KNEW it was a "God Moment"?? Ahhhh, those are the BEST and I was so fortunate to have that today!

After Torture, ahem, I mean Spin Class, I was sitting with a friend having a cup of coffee and she just poured into me as she always does, overflowing my cup! No, she wasn't telling me how awesome I am, LOL, she spoke TRUTH to me. Truth about just WHO I am, the person others see me as. Her very simple and to the point statements broke some of the chains I feel have been weighing me down lately. THESE are the people you need in your life. THESE are the people I surround myself with. People who LOVE me, not ones that are jealous of me, passive aggressive towards me, or who truly don't have a pure heart when it comes to their feelings/thoughts about me.

Sitting and chatting with her for a bit and then having another friend join us just MADE MY DAY!!! My other girlfriend came over and started to chat, touched my arm while she was talking (I'M HUGE ON the touchy feely stuff....always have been!) to me and in that moment I felt joy. I felt freedom. I felt focused.

I picked Sofia up and jumped in the car to head over and do some coupon deals at Randalls and I had this feeling inside that I just wanted to RUN after God, JUMP into a Bible Study, DIVE into the sea of HIS love. I know it's dramatic but I SERIOUSLY felt that way. I know beginning the new daily prayer here, and getting back into a routine again completely contributed to my sense of balance, hence FREEDOM. But God always, and I do mean ALWAYS communicates to me through other people, always!

Something from this morning's prayer that just struck me, I had to go back and read it as soon as I got home was this:

Come, let us sing to the Lord : let us shout for joy to the Rock of our salvation.
When I walk in darkness, Lord, carry me through.

I'm emotional, I FEEL . . . I'm passionate . . . so yes, sometimes I just have to go over the top to break free. It is quite silly to me though how a very simple conversation can just do that for me.

It's a New
Year, a time to focus in on your values, your goals, your relationships and how you are going to live them out, achieve them and nurture them. So as I said before, no I'm not going to put a list of "Resolutions" out there but I will focus on those three elements of my life and try my very best to keep them all in balance.

My Family
My Church
My Body

Goals for each of the 3 things I value the most:
Invest more individually on each of my babies' needs making adjustments to some of our current routines to do so.
No more slacking on our monthly date night....make it MANDATORY and setup 2 months at a time. :o)
Help others, "feel" God the way I do. Not necessarily "teach" but show if that makes sense.
Complete the Marathon and then just stay on a maintenance running plan. No huge races, just maintaining.

Focus more on having friends and family members over for dinner.
Working on ways to help strengthen my relationships, not really meant for this blog post. No, I don't BLOG everything. :o)

Now is that all I'm resolving to do in the New Year? Of course not! I will get this house organized, closet by closet, room by room, etc. etc. I will craft more, I will finish up my recipe binder, get back into couponing, and so on but if I go into that MY head will spin. LOL


That's all I need to help maintain BALANCE.

Ahhhhh and that's when I feel FREEDOM.

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