Saturday, January 1, 2011


WOW!!!! REALLY???? IS IT "REALLY" 2011?!?!?!

Well, 2010 was a GREAT year full of accomplishments, family milestones and relationship building. Am working on a "recap" but just wanted to share something I'm going to try this year. Yes, I did say "try" since I know I'm not the 100% kinda gal.

I read here about coming up with your "THEME WORD" of the year. I just love this blog and get TONS of useful information from her! Simplify was the word she chose and I would say that was my word last year, I EVEN bought the word and it sits on my mantle to remind me everyday! LOL While I've grown in that area A TON over the past year, it is something I have to focus on every single week while I plan out the menu, my home and family responsiblities, my social schedule as well as my ministry. It can get out of balance QUICKLY, especially if I (which is very easy for me to do) OVERCOMPLICATE stuff. Simplify....that's a great one! But this year, I am ALL ABOUT...

Why the word purity? Yeah, I know, it's kind of weird. I didn't put a TON of thought into what my "word" would be but this one came to me when I was running. I was thinking of one of the things I wanted to do this year, recycle, and for some reason this symbol made me think purity. Like I said, random.When I think about all the areas in my life that I've grown in, I've realized that I usually have to empty out to fill back up. The arrows make me think of that I guess. I can go pretty deep or maybe just very complicated, so I'll keep this light and simple. :o)

How is this word Purity going to be demonstrated in my life to match up with my values and my goals?

  • Recycling (PURIFYING the earth)
  • I want to make sure my motivation behind EVERYTHING I do and say comes from a PURE place.
  • I want to PURIFY my thoughts, not just about others, but about myself too.
  • I want to get back into my daily Bible know there is nothing more PURE than the Lord!
  • I want the foods and beverages I put into my body and my family's bodies to be healthy, more PURE.
  • I will focus more on the individual needs of each of my babies and what their PURE little hearts need from me.
So there you have it! PURIFY. LOVE IT!! I can put some of my cheesy little New Years Resolutions out there but to be realistic, I know I won't do most of them, who really does anyway? LOL

I am about LIFECHANGE. I am about GROWTH. I am about JOY. I don't always have it together, but try my absolute hardest most of the time which is all ANY of us can do. :o)

So HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!
HELLO 2011!!

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