Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Truth Tellers . . .

I was expressing to a friend yesterday why I made my running blog private and my fears about sharing too much on facebook and her email I read this morning was JUST WHAT I NEEDED to see before starting this day!!!! I LOVE this lady and NEED my true "FRIENDS" just like her to be the ones I take advice from. She truly loves me, is not jealous, does not say things because of her own "agenda", she is one of my truth tellers in life and I am SO THANKFUL for her!!!!

Here are some parts of it:

Hmmmm this doesn't sound like you at all!
I get the feeling that you are hiding yourself lately so other people don't get upset. That is not how it's supposed to be! If anyone gets upset about your accomplishments then that is a reflection on them, not you. Those people feel insecure about what they are NOT doing. Or are fearful that you will do it better or make it look easier. Screw them Gina. You do not brag you express. You are not boastful you are open and inspiring and God does not want you to hide your light under a bushel!!

Please do not be altered by those people who want to bring you down. Those who love you Bask in the joy of your achievements. Anyone who says you are being boastful needs to go examine the intent & truth behind that.



Cindy said...

ahhh...I tried to get on there yesterday to see if you had blogged about how your 16 with Heidi went and I got a message I wasn't invited to read it. Made me sad! :-( I'm glad whoever you talked to yesterday gave you truth. I've never thought your blog was about boasting or bragging but more a journal of the journey God is taking you on right now with this new "experiment" in your life. I'm not saying that in the way that this is just a phase and you aren't going to stick with it. You try new things all the time and this is one where you have found success and should continue sharing your journey for those others who need encouragement and are "experimenting" with running or any other new passion in their lives. Miss you my friend!

April said...

I agree with Cindy, Gina. You are truly an inspiration, and sometimes you encourage through your blog without realizing it. There is nothing wrong with "journaling" your journey. I can't imagine anyone having ill feelings about reading anything you write unless they are battling insecurities within themselves. That's truly where jealousy and negativity stems from. It takes a person that is confident in the path God has set them on to share that path with the world."Do what you do" Gina, and don't worry about anyone else's opinions. Other people's opinions aren't going to get you where God needs you to be.