Wednesday, February 9, 2011

8 Beautiful Years....

My BEAUTIFUL 8 year old baby girl!!!

Where does the time go??!!
It seemed like she was JUST born!

I've been trying to get blogging but just have NOT had the time to this week and that's okay. What I did have time for was an amazing birthday party on Saturday that Adrianna simply LOVED along with her special birthday breakfast (thanks Erika for the plate we will cherish forever and for all our birthdays!), mommy, daddy and Sofia eating lunch at school with her, cupcakes at school, her special birthday dinner and an Ice Cream Sundae bar for her birthday dessert! It was all just perfect! (pics to come!)

This birthday was a very important one for me. My whole world seemed to come tumbling down when I was her age since that's when my parents split up and although I don't remember much from my childhood I "do" remember how deeply I felt during her age. It's so important, not only on birthdays of course, but it's so important to make our babies feel like they are SO SPECIAL, SO IMPORTANT, SO LOVED. I live for my family. I will do everything and anything I can for them to love, support, encourage and CELEBRATE them!

Sure, I sometimes go overboard with the parties but until one of them tells me "Enough is enough Mom, I don't like this stuff" I will continue on. Adrianna for one LOVES parties, planning them, fascilitating them, EVERYTHING....ahhh she's my little mini me in so many ways!!! :o)

This entire past week we've celbrated our sweet little Adrianna!
My first born child.

The gentle, patient and EASY baby that helped me figure out how to be a "Mommy". My precious little angel that ALWAYS slept with me, between Chris and I, holding on to my ear lobe and later on searching in her sleep with her tiny little hand for a "cold spot" on our body to touch (and STILL DOES!).

She is smart.
She is sensitive.
She is loving.
She is caring.
She is a natural "Mommy".
She is considerate.
She is responsible.
She is imaginative.
She is always concerned for others.

She has loved dressing up since she was first able to.

She LOVES sweets.

She is a pasta and bread girl for sure.

She loves to laugh.
I love to hear her laugh.
It's contagious.
It's unique.

I treasure our quiet conversations, just her and I.

I love to dream with her.

I adore her.

I will fight for her.
I will protect her.
I will nurture her.
I will ALWAYS make her feel like she is THE BEST!

Thank you God for giving me my sweet Adrianna. She is the first of 3 very special gifts I absolutely treasure!!

I truly am blessed.

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