Sunday, February 27, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I am SO THANKFUL I have a hubby that is okay with cutting meat out and/or trying new things as long as our meals are not "out of the box" (that he's not so keen on, LOL!). I'm trying to focus the kids (Chris and I too) on our daily food pyramid. I love to cook and try new things each week so it's "sunshine meatloaf" for this week! :o)

I think it's SUPER DUPER important to train the kids to have a good palate, to ENJOY eating and trying different foods. Thankfully they do for the most part.

So here we go....this is what's for dinner this week!

Monday: Breakfast for Dinner
Tuesday: Sunshine Meatloaf, edamame, wild rice
Wednesday: Chicken Mango Kabobs, quinoa
Thursday: Black Beans, rice, plantains, fresh fruit
Friday: Pasta Fagioli, homemade bread
Saturday: Veggie Spread with Hummus, pita bread, fresh fruit
Sunday: Stuffed Shells, salad

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