Sunday, October 28, 2012

First COLD Run!

Today was my first COLD run of this season and I LOVED IT!!!  Well, let me rephrase that....I LOVED the way I felt when I was done.  LOL  The recovery from cold long runs is much better than the hot long runs. You don't feel dehydrated, nauseous or shaky. You feel refreshed and sipping on that hot cup of coffee afterwards, thawing out your fingers is just heavenly!

Kim and I started off the season training for Dallas but with so much going on in our lives recently we decided to push out to Austin instead. So we printed up our pretty little Higdon plan and are on week 2, 16 weeks until race day.   This will most likely be my last marathon here in Texas so I want to go out with a bang! Hahahaha!!!  I'm  not sure just how easy/tough the training will be in January if we end up moving in March, but I am going to stick to this race!  I ran in in 2011, my first and only marathon, and can't think of any race or any person I would want to say goodbye to Austin with than with my Kimmers and Austin Marathon!!  So here we go...."let the games begin!!!" Ha!

What I LOVE about my BRF (best running friend) is that she is ALWAYS there, even as creepy as it could be, sitting on my doorstep texting me "Boo", I can always count on her and I LOVE her dearly!  We started it all with our first 5k and our friendship has developed into something I've never had before.  She has seen it ALL and heard it ALL and is still here. She is a constant and I love her for that.  We've shared so much together on our runs....sweat, laughter, and tears.  Moments I will NEVER forget!!!

I got emotional this morning waiting for her, walking out to her van, thinking.... "If we relocate to Colorado (this is NOT final, YET), HOW will I get my ass out there in the cold by myself???"  I can see going out for runs in the daylight or early evenings but running will be different for me and never mind training...that will be tough!!!  I told her this morning I could just run with a bluetooth and we can chat just like now, LOL!!  I was "half" kidding!

This is a crazy season and I have found peace with alot of issues at hand but dont' take for granted at all my very special friend!  As soon as the decision comes to a head, I WILL set up our very first "Destination Race"!!! Thinking Disney????!!!!

Happy Running!

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