Saturday, October 6, 2012

Takin' it Back

This crazy lady gets all these different ideas and jumps on them. Try this new blog, try that new blog, but this summer has taught me one HUGE lesson, keep it simple!  So instead of trying to come up with "the next new thing", I'm takin it back to where I began.....Sunday Morning Sauce!  My friend Amanda first introduced me to blogging and helped me come up with this title wayyyyyyy back and through the years a LOT has happened but I'm ready to get back to the basics.


I've had lots of issues, well let me rephrase that, "people" have had lots of issues with different blog posts I've written and I've felt convicted here and there over some of my *shared* feelings in the Cyber world but here's a reality, I'm not perfect. This is my blog.  If you are that affected by the things I write, please don't read it.  I write to share my feelings.  I hope that my shared experiences and feelings don't hurt people, I never set out to do that. But here's the thing, I like to blog and am going to continue to do so!  At least for now, seasons change, life gets busy and Facebook makes it OH SO EASY to just stick a few quick blurbs and post pics.

Here is to a new season!

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