Monday, January 7, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Well, let my "normal" begin!!!  I can't say what most of my friends are, "Winter Break is over, Back to our routine!". Not this time around! My kids aren't going "back" to school, nope, they are home with ME!  I couldn't be more excited than I am today!

So, we start a "new routine" this week. Not sure of what it is. I have a sort of plan, but a routine doesn't become routine until you're doing it for a while, LOL! While I've pushed bedtime a tiny bit later, sleeping in a tiny bit later, there are some things that must stay the same!

Organization. Is. Key.

Menu plan is up, not just dinner, but lunch too!  I usually do both but got lazy after Thanksgiving break with the lunch planning.  But, here we are, back at it!

Happy Monday Friends!  Have a wonderful week!!

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