Thursday, January 24, 2013

Where are the Homeschool Posts?

Ha!  Yes, I'm hoping to get posting about our homeschool journey soon.  It's going great!  The transition has gone way smoother than I anticipated.  We are finished with our 3rd week today and after watching them and learning from them, I *think* we found our groove. I was set up sort of "peace mealing" it together, using some curriculum recommended from friends, continuing with some notebooks from their public school, online stuff, and found that it wasn't working for us.

I needed to feel confident in my curriculum decision.  Enter.....FIVE IN A ROW (FIAR)....I think this is going to work well for ALL the kids!  Adrianna will start with us at level one too and we'll take it as it comes with moving up. I'm sticking with our Grammar choice and switching both kids to Math U See. This is going to be GREAT for them!  They are both kinesthetic learners just like me!  Finding this was HUGE for me! Can't wait for next week.

We are finding our place in the HS world and a big weight has been lifted from my chest in being "okay" with not doing it like everyone else.  We are not doing a Bible study(yet).  I'm not doing Creation Based Science. We are starting of minimalists and adding a little as we go.  Everything isn't set up all pretty and perfect.  I don't feel 100% organized.  I go with the flow alot easier than I thought I would.

This is life.

It is beautiful.

Last August, we stepped into unfamiliar territory.  We left our one and only church. We moved forward with homeschool plans. We opened ourselves up to the opportunity to pursue something different than we were doing.  We admitted things out loud that made us vulnerable and our hearts open for hurt and pain.  Our faith has been in a tough place to be honest.  But through it all, I have known the thing God wanted from me is to BE STILL.  I have been obedient. I am still trying my best to be patient and faithful as we move forward on some major life decisions in the next couple of weeks.

My focus is on the one thing I've wished for my entire life, "a family", my family.

I received a message from a friend.  He's my old bootcamp instructor and while I loved bootcamp, I needed to go in a different direction.  What's amazing is that I know the connections made are always made for a reason.  He said this so well I had to post it on my blog to refer back to as a reminder:

Ma'am, understand this...the way you desire your life to be is only achievable through faith and action. That means you can do this.
Fear is going to be part of the journey. Embrace it with the undying conviction that you are willing to go all in and design your OWN life.
Along the way, you will attract everyone and everything that is supposed be in your life. You don't have to judge it, question it or even think about it.
As long as you know you are making your highest choices like: doing what you know is best for your kids (homeschooling), providing tremendous value and service to others (restaurant and the other blessed things you do), practicing your faith and spiritual walk (your way), and growing stronger with your friends and family that support you (the others will weed themselves out) - then you're on the right path.

I am so "WOWed" by this message and thankful for knowing people that want to invest in me just because.

I *will* be blogging soon about HS stuff.....right now, we are trying to figure out other "life" stuff!

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Liggy said...

I so admire you! You are so brave.

I love how your friend said that we can "design"our life thru action and faith. That is such valuable advice and know that will stay with me.