Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013, REALLY???????

Am I really turning 37 on Sunday????  Yes, I am!  As I look back over my 36th year, it truly has been a WONDERFUL year!  I had some major heartache but lots of JOY and probably some of my very BEST memories as well!  So, what DID 2012 look like for me? Here we go...........

Painting with a Twist 1/11 - – - kicked off the year and created my own canvas!  Kim had the idea and it was Awesome! This was a first for me!

Lucia di Lammermoor Opera 2/3 - – - Celebrated Chris’s 45th birthday with Kim and Brian at their first opera! FUN! I can't find a pic of Chris and I and it's driving me crazy! LOL....will update...I hope!

* Sullivan’s Steakhouse & Dancing Downtown 2/24 – - –We went downtown for a fancy dinner and a night of drinking and dancing to celebrate Kim turning the FABULOUS 4-0!  The four of us stayed at the Marriott downtown and it took 2 full days to recover….good times!

Cirque du Soleil “Quidam” 3/4 – - – Adrianna and I went with Rebecca and Ashley to our first ever show! IT WAS INCREDIBLE!! Adrianna LOVED it!

* Cameron Park Zoo 3/10  – - – Kids had so much fun --It was our first time! We met up with the Searses too!

* Went ziplining with Kim during Women's ROCKED!!! Can you say "Adrenaline Junkie"???? yep, that's me!

* Adrianna surprised us by stepping forward to accept Jesus in her precious heart!

* Christopher graduated Kindergarten! June 2012

* Colorado Trip 6/5 --- What can I say, AMAZING!!!!  This trip was a trigger for ALL the change that came after!

* Each of our "Interpretations" of our trip to the mountains...

* Watching the kids play with a worm for 30 MINUTES!!! Talking, discussing, laughing, and eventually killing it on accident....

* I had such a GREAT garden turnout this summer!!!!  Cucumbers, squash, peppers, herbs galore!  Even tried my hand at canning....not too bad!! 

* Mayfield Park 7/10 – - – Went with Mom and the kids, our first time with the peacocks...they LOVED it!

"I have a Peacock Feather Butt too!"

* Our Annual Dress Like a Cow day at Chick Fil A.....what fun it was this year with Nana!

 * Adrianna Bridged from a Brownie to a Junior Girl Scout! 7/14

*Went for a visit to Grandpa and Grandma's house and went to our first Luau! Adrianna even volunteered to participate on stage!!!

* Adrianna became a 4th grader and Christopher a 1st grader! Shannon and I put together our second back to school pizza party at the splash pad! 

* Adrianna started wearing a bra, EVERYDAY. *sigh*

* Along with that came "The Talk"....went fine, kept it scientific, LOL Thank God Chris has to do the next one with Christopher when the time comes! Ha!

* Christopher lost his first tooth 8/23

* We achieved our goal of eating out more with our Foodie Friends last year!!  Sushi, Greek, Italian, Asian, Food Trailers, even participated in a fun Supper club for 6 months!

* Went to have Greek Food with The Valentines and then downtown to the Elephant Room for some Jazz.....LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!!

* We went with Brian and Kim to their first Ballet, Taming of the Shrew! Ha, so fitting for our hubbies....LMAO!

* We started a Friday Night Pizza tradition and stuck to it! We even rubbed off on our best foodie friends and have them making pizza dough!!! Chris makes awesome dough and EVEN perfected his Italian Bread recipe!!!! I LOVE him!!!

* We made our own pasta, ONCE..... maybe we'll try again in 2013! LOL

* Made my first Terrarium with the kids!  Thanks for the idea Nana!

* Sofia got her first Mani/Pedi in Brownsville 8/12

* I officially became a MAC wearing woman!  Bought it in Oct 2011 and actually bought more when I was running low in 2012....this skin is needing better makeup now, LOL

* Favorite Perfume of 2012....

* Mom and I took the kids to their first "Cupcake Wars Event" at HEB and they loved it!!! These were my favorite!

* Saw my first 3D movie with the kids....

* Sofia made her first stick family 10/3/12 Mommy Daddy and Fifi

* Family Pillow Fight.....I peed myself laughing so hard!!!

* Adrianna hosted her first Spa that is one we will repeat, FUN!

*Tried Flax Milk....YUM!

* Got hooked on Greens and Whey along with my Green Smoothies!  Learned LOTS of great recipes!

* Bought my first Juicer!  LOVE Beet Juice!!

* Found this earlier last year and it has become my favorite! Well, 2nd to Chris's homemade garlic hummus of course! LOL

* Made Bubble Tea for the first time with the kids, they were NOT a fan!

* Learned to make REALLY GOOD SOUPS from scratch!! Just like my mom and mother in law!  Mixing anything and everything from the pantry and fridge!

* Tried my hand at Bootcamp and Paleo.....just wasn't a fit for me!  BUT I did gain confidence in my own physical strength and gained TONS of knowledge in clean eating along with learning LOTS of new recipes!!

* Christopher had his very first surgery!  Goodbye Adenoids! 9/28

* Chris also had Sinus surgery a month after Christopher , which was THE scariest thing I've ever went through, even more scary than the C-Sections...seriously, HUGE test of my faith.  Thanks to the love and support of the people closest to me and thanks to God, we both made it through that poor hubby!!

* Sofia had her first trip to Build A Bear for her birthday!  Out of all three kids, she is my stuffed animal child! LOVES them!

Fifi and "Fluffy" 7/6/12

* Being told you are the World's Best Mom is priceless!!!

* Adrianna started piano lessons and she is GREAT!!!! She rocked the recital 12/20

* These shirts were the trigger for my "Mama's So Crafty" Facebook page which helped me earn our Christmas shopping money this year!!!! Sold about 75 shirts total between Thanksgiving and Christmas!! So blessed!

* Adrianna got her first sewing machine for Christmas and made her first scarf! She has come into her own with her crafting....she's unstoppable!!!  Duct tape queen too!

 * We hosted our annual Thanksgiving Dinner with Photo Props this year! LOL

* Made my first pair of PJ pants and first circle skirt!!  I had such fun sewing this fall/winter....can't wait to play some more!!

* Strung popcorn and cranberries for the first time! It was a Grandma's first time too....will be a tradition now for sure!

We hosted our annual Christmas Eve Feast and as usual it was full of good food, wine and I had a BLAST with Ruth and Kim....what a great memory for me and for the cousins that were able to be here together! 

This is going to be ONE HELL OF A YEAR......FULL of change, challenges, excitement, joy, happiness and LOTS more memories!!!  I set small, simple goals last year, stayed on track, followed my heart and succeeded in moving towards the LIFE CHANGE Chris and I are both ready's to my 37th year!!! May it be a HEALTHY and FUN one!!

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