Friday, March 1, 2013


A morning playdate reviewing curriculum, sharing my "story", listening to a more experienced homeschool mom that also had her kids in the PS system and pulled them out.

An afternoon playdate at the park with a homeschool group full of different personalities, different levels of experience, with the comfort of two friends I already knew.

Who would have thought THAT was all I needed to help me get over this *hump* I've been stuck on trying to get to the other side for MONTHS now.  Today was a day full of blessings!!  After feeling abandoned by people we used to think of as family and all the hurt that has filled my heart and consumed my mind, today God very specifically showed me answers to some questions I've struggled with since last fall.
I want to mark this was a GOD STOP moment I don't want to forget. 

Feeling full of HOPE.

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