Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring is in the Air.....

Ahhhhhh....tomorrow we "Spring Ahead" making summer seem just that much closer!  While the Christmas season is by far my favorite, Spring, oh Spring I have such a love for YOU!  You bring "newness", "brighter mornings", "fresh air","life" re-centers my family as we come up for air from the holiday busyness and the usual "sickies" that bring us down!

By the end of summer, I am so ready for cooler weather, I'm hot, bored and ready for the holidays to roll in and bring me back to life....the heat kills me!!! LOL  By February, I can't wait for the Spring and my chance to perk back up myself! Time to clean out the garden beds, become obsessed with flower shopping, and daydream about lazy summer days by the pool....BUT FIRST


I usually fly by the seat of my pants and just clean as I feel motivated and inspired to do on a whim BUT now with the homeschooling I *must* plan this stuff out....hence....THE SCHEDULE....

I'm going to search a little for something purdy to print up but here is what I have written out in pencil!


*Switch Bedrooms for kids, Mom goes downstairs.
*Move computer to schoolroom, dust all components and baseboards in kids' rooms.



*Closets: pantry, linen closets, gift closet/craft closet/junk closet under stairs, gameroom closet, bedroom closets.
*Windows: Curtains, sills, and blinds
*Steam Clean upstairs

Outside -

*Clean out Garden beds and Front yard flower beds
* Pressure Wash house and paint the railings



Wax Downstairs Floors
Clean out Laundry Room (Paint?)


Take down Playscape (it has become unsafe,LOL)
Plant flowers in the front

I'm sure once Chris and I sit down we will come up with more things to add to the list, but at least this is a start!

Happy Spring Cleaning! LOL

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