Friday, March 22, 2013

Confidants vs Constituents

I've learned this lesson the HARD way.  The woman that was one of my "Best Friends" in reality was not my confidant but instead was a constituent.  I've struggled with this for months and months now, but was finally able to accept it and let her go graciously, without anger.  Just like TD Jakes says in this video, "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, don't be bitter when he taketh".

Once we left our church, this was made clearly to me.  I struggled with confusion and pain and since those "verbally processed" thoughts and feeling were put out there on Facebook and the Blogosphere, I was cut off in a sense.  It was wrong. So I thought.  But in reality, it was necessary for Kyle and Erika to do. I understand that and actually accept it now, realizing the difference between a confidant and a constituent.

Today, I thank TD Jakes for his powerful words and VERY SIMPLE explanation and thank my husband for always seeking truth and never "settling". I will be blogging, exploring TRUTH.

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