Saturday, March 9, 2013

Run it off....

My text went something like this....

Me: We running long tomorrow?
Kim: Yes, what time? How Far, 5?
Me: How's 6am, 6miles.
Kim: Okay, but I'll be going SLOW. See you at 6
Me: k

This is why I LOVE this woman!  She is the BEST running buddy you could have!  She's flexible, take charge, dependable and supportive....oh yeah and she lets me do most of the talking! Gotta love that of course, LOL

Running is something I love and while she says she tolerates it, gets it done, I know deep down she likes it too.  It's the more difficult sport for her (she rocks out the swimming and cycling like no one's business) and I know that's why she doesn't give up on it.  You can't tell her she "can't" and that's why I love her!  This has been a season of adjustment for me with all the homeschooling, and people in this house getting sick left and right so having her still "show up" for me, not just with the running, has been life giving.

Today, I just "ran it off".....ran off the stress from the week, ran off some calories and ran off my mouth!

Some days you just have to run!  There is such a childlike freedom I feel when I finish a run.  Thankful this morning that I CAN run!

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