Sunday, September 15, 2013

Testing out the Waters.....

Well it's been a little over a year since we left Resonate Community Church and I have felt the pull to go "back to church" but hadn't felt "led" to a particular one.  We tried our local Catholic Church, it's Chris's comfort zone, it's who we grew up as, Catholic, but we just didn't *feel* it.  The kids of course did not enjoy themselves so we decided it just wasn't the right time.

After everything my mom has gone through over the past couple of weeks, my heart yearned to be in the "word", sorrounded by it, listening and soaking it in.  Last night Chris and I were Googling away at all the local churches......which direction do we go?????  Methodist? Lutheran? Episcopal? Evangelical? Non Denominational?

We had no idea!  Then I saw this on  Facebook when I logged in to play Candy Crush (don't judge!)...

Apparently a church in Round Rock was beginning a new series today, a MOVIE based sermon!  Those that know my movie buff hubby, well I couldn't help but feel that was a TOTAL sign from God that THIS was where we were supposed to go, TODAY.  I clicked on the link that was shared by a Facebook friend I just met through a momswap board and it led me to Freedom Church.  I told Chris that I thought we should give it a try but left the decision up to him and went to sleep.  We woke up this morning and actually drove to a local church here in Hutto and sat in the parking lot realizing it just wasn't where we were supposed to be so he pulled out and drove over to Freedom Church instead.   I actually had a little attitude and didn't talk to him the entire drive over there because I didn't want to go where I didn't know ANYONE.  I said that's what I wanted but the truth is the thought of that terrified me!  Resonate was my first and only church as an adult, it was my comfort zone during the season of life I was in.  But I knew we were being pulled away, called away from that church.

God had something else planned and that in fact wasn't our "end point" , just a bridge from a certain life to, well, I'm not sure to what yet.  I do know though, that I listened, I lost relationships, I gained relationships and discovered a deep calling, the call to homeschool my children.  The LAST person you would EVER expect to be a homeschooling mom, yep, I was "Still" ,  I listened and I followed.  I never abandoned God, He never abandoned me.  But I had something to do, BIGGER than what I was doing,  And now that the dust has settled I was ready to get my feet wet and test out the waters.

We enjoyed the service. I smiled as I looked around and it all didn't seem "foreign" as it once had over 6 years ago.  I saw the greeters. I saw the hospitality group setting up.  I spotted the "band members".  I watched the sweet check in ladies smiling at the little kiddos while printing their name tags.  I grabbed the printed up fliers, the "get to know the staff" paper, their "programs list" and thought, wow, I know EXACTLY what goes into pulling a Sunday service off.  It's so much work! Bless them all for their hard work!  I also sat at the table with my coffee before service staring at their logo on a piece of paper...

all I could focus on was FREEDOM.

How great it feels to be FREE.  I am FREE from the past.  Each small journey has a beginning and an end.  I finally feel FREE to let go and move forward.

Today was a good day!  The kids loved it, Chris and I both enjoyed Pastor Benito and liked the vibe.  It was about double the size of our other church so not too big to be lost in but not too small that require everyone to "work".  My season of serving within the church has ended.  I have put all of my energy into my home, my family and am now ready to explore serving with my family to whatever degree WE feel we can handle.

I'm excited to see where this new road we are embarking on takes us.

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