Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Yesterday was our first official day going gluten free! And yes, we are still alive! Breakfast was easy, new protein powder was great in the smoothie, lunch was fun and colorful and dinner was delish! Coffee has been slowly decreased over the last two weeks so my one cup in the morning was headaches or afternoon crashes (thanks Yogi Perfect Energy tea!). Started the morning off with hot water and lemon and drank a few more during the chilly day too!

My challenge was snacks for the kids. They will eat all my fruit in one day if I don't get creative!!!! We are making a gluten free baked popcorn snack today and will work on chex mix as well because store bought gluten free stuff is EXPENSIVE!!!! Way out of my $125 weekly budget for sure!

The kids don't realize I'm doing dairy free with them too and a MAJOR sugar decrease as well!  We all need a reset sometimes, EVEN the kids!! Healthy Mind, body, and spirit......our goals for 2014!

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