Friday, January 10, 2014

Live IN the Moment

This has been our first week back in a structured school routine since Thanksgiving and let new tell's been H.A.R.D!!!! Sprinkle in a Pulmonologist appt. for mom, dentist appts. for kids (with expensive outcome), my well exam, (always makes me nervous), and just everyday mom stress and, well, yea......rough week!!!

Last night I was SO ready to tell the kids goodnight!!!! I yelled a ton this week, even more than usual, and I'm a yeller, lol. I just wanted ME time. They hopped in bed and I immediately felt guilty. I snuggled in with each of the two big kids one at a time and decided to read some poetry book we got at the library, watched Christopher make shadow puppets on his wall and enjoyed rubbing Adrianna's head on my lap as I read to her. I felt like I made peace with them, they were going to sleep happy. Then I went and read to Sofia, said my goodnight and locked myself in my bathroom to let calgon take me away....ha!! I forced myself to sit STILL, listening to Pandora ands paint my toes, THEN....I come out and see Sofia laying on the floor by my bedroom door. She wanted to sleep in our bed and was not going back in her room so she said she was fine on the floor......oooh that strong willed child of mine!!! I picked her up and put her in bed with us. Within 5 minutes she was sleeping sitting up, resting on daddy's arm, drooling.

I had to just stop for a moment and instead of beating myself up for yelling, stressing out about bills, worrying about health issues, thinking about the housework.............I had to just live on the MOMENT!!! These moments do NOT last forever!!!

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