Sunday, January 26, 2014

Questions That Will Save Your Relationships

I read ALOT of stuff on Facebook, I mean ALOT! From all my "friends", the bloggers I follow, the homeschool pages I subscribe to, the fitness and "wellness" pages I follow and on and on and on!  Hey, it's my "Newspaper"!! LOL

Anyway, today I read an article that profoundly touched me and I want to practice daily at better communication so I'm sharing it on my blog for a quick resource!

Questions That Will Save Your Relationships

GREAT questions to ask DAILY, besides the mundane "How was your day?" question for sure! Just because I talk, ALOT, doesn't mean I am the best "communicator", it's an area I'm working on getting better at. 

Go check the post out here for better communicating with your spouse, children and friends.

I loved when she said, "Questions are like gifts -- it's the thought behind them that the receiver really FEELS."

Good Stuff!

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