Thursday, May 15, 2014

How I feel about Dave!

Dave Ramsey that is, LOL.....I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with Dave!  My hubby has been obsessively listening to him on talk radio and is ready to tighten up the budget AGAIN!  This past year and a half of homeschooling, my mom getting sick, decreased income and increased medical bills caused us to get OFF TRACK *again*....sigh.

We had lots of ups and downs with job stuff and personal stuff that we got out of the routine, the great routine, we were in after doing The Money Makeover a few years back and the insanity MUST.STOP.NOW.

So, as we are planning to get our house ready to sell (our renter leaves on May 31st), we also have a budget plan going in place June 1st.  I've been slowly getting back into it so I'm not in total shock, but we are getting back into a cash grocery budget and cash expenses.  Our hope is to make enough off of the house sale to pay off our debt so we are able to buy the home we are currently renting.  If the stars align, it will work out the way we have planned it in our head. If not, it's not meant to be but at least we'll be debt free. LOL

I have a couple weeks left until I'm no longer babysitting, which has supplemented Chris's income allowing the kids to be involved in a few extra curriculars which has been great, so we will be re-evaluating "kids stuff" spending along with other areas in the budget too.

I'm scared, but I know we've been down this road before and made it through so I'm confident it will all work out as it should be.

So, back to making our snack packs, making our bread, clipping coupons,freezer cooking and stricter menu planning for ALL of our meals.  Organization is key and to be honest, I've had so much on my plate since August when mom got sick that I've become an unorganized mess!!!  My sister thinks I'm totally organized but I know what organized looks like when I'm "on" and right now, I'm "off".  I truly believe making the family slow down and finding joy in this slower pace was all to prepare me for long lasting change and results.....

It's not *fun*, but I'm ready!!

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