Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend 2014!

It may have taken me 36 years, but I finally sat and thought about the difference between Veteran's Day and Memorial Day a couple years ago and was thrilled that the kids told ME today what the meaning of it was and how it's different from Veteran's Day and 4th of July, even though all three holidays are all "Flag Decor"....LOL.....LOVE those kids!!!!!

This weekend FILLED.MY.CUP! Seriously, FILLED IT UP!

Friday started off with my first 6 mile HILLY run in quite some time followed by a ladies night on my neighbor friends front porch with some yummy cocktails!  I had some SERIOUS laughs, I mean, SERIOUS!!!!!  When I think I peed my pants, well, you know it's a good time! HAHAHA!

Saturday started off with a T-O-U-G-H  but awesome RPM class, hanging out with the family and then Auditore Couples Date Night at Dimassi's Mediterranean Buffet.  Dinner was DELISH and I completely enjoyed spending time with my brothers and sisters in law.  It's always a "no pressure" good time, full of laughter.  Seeing Chris with his brothers always warms my heart.  It's a constant reminder of just how important family is!!

We woke up Sunday morning and took a drive out to meet his brothers and families out at McKinney Falls Park.  The day was FULL.....beautiful hike in, yummy bbq, cocktails and watching the kids jump off cliffs!  It was priceless!  Oh, and I have a tan which makes it EVEN.BETTER!

There Anna goes!!!

And Christopher!!!

Fifi will be cliff diving soon enough I'm sure!!!

We all came home yesterday sun tanned and WIPED OUT!  We grilled up some burgers with my mom and sister and all passed out by 10!  I was in bed last night reading and stopped to take a moment to reflect on just how GOOD life really is!!!!  It's so easy to focus on the negative, get bogged down by other people's bullshit and stressed by everyday life, but when you take those times to just hone in and focus on JUST HOW LUCKY you are to be alive and all the people in your life that LOVE you, nothing else matters! 

This morning, even though I said I was going to sleep in and maybe even go for a run, I woke up with Chris at 7 and sat on the back porch with the GORGEOUS breeze sipping on coffee and talking about life instead!  We don't get many uninterrupted conversations, especially in the morning since he usually is NOT the one to have a conversation before he's had his coffee and officially "woke up".  Therefore, I bottled that moment up.  I sit here tonight thankful that I have a husband who enjoys talking to me, and he's NOT a talker.  LOL

We had a lazy afternoon, I worked on the last week of the month menu plan along with putting together my June Monthly menu plan!  A storm rolled in which made the kids all lazy and tv watching fools while we caught a little snooze before Kim, Brian and the girls came over to grill!  
My favorite "Summer" Beer!

Yep, MORE food, more drinks, lots of talking and laughing while the kids jumped on the trampoline and played for hours!  Like I said, my cup is FULL!  

Not only is my cup full, my heart is full, my belly is full and my mind is in SHUT DOWN mode until we get back to reality tomorrow!!  Hahahahahaha!!!  After all, this has been a beautiful weekend and all, one I will treasure, but I have shit to do and need some sleep first!!'s the menu for the week, my workout plan is on paper and besides swim practice the rest of our week is pretty free.....WOOT!!!!! 

Monday: BBQ with Kimballs
Tuesday: Leftovers
Wednesday: Breakfast for Dinner
Thursday: Baked Potato Bar
Friday: Quesadillas
Saturday: YoYo
Sunday: Pasta Cece

Tonight I think about all the soldiers that are no longer with us!  Here is a pic of my grandfather (Mom's dad) that adored me but passed away before I ever got to know him.....

Carmelo Tomaso Castiglia 1942

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