Thursday, May 15, 2014

Some of My FAVORITE Things!

I have fun doing these! LOL   Here are some of my current favorite things!  Some are oldies but goodies!

 I've finally crossed over to the Brooks Side......and my legs THANK ME!!!  Best choice I've made in running shoes!!! Brooks Adrenalines!

 I have long given up Splenda and was happy with this as an alternative to Stevia, Monk Fruit, or any others.  Perfect balance and half a teaspoon does the trick in my coffee!

I have loved these for years!!!  It's my "special" treat! :D

Fruit Punch is my new favorite flavor!!!  I started drinking this this week during RPM, never thought of it since I've always done it for long runs!! Totally going to use it in class from now on!!!

 I TOTALLY prefer homemade salad dressings but this one is a favorite for spinach salads....LOVE IT!

 I started trying all the varieties last year at Sprouts and ADORE them in my salads! I love a little crunch in my salads, sometimes it's nuts, sometimes it's salad toppers in a jar and sometimes it's these! YUM!  I love the lentil ones too!

 This is a TREAT for me since it's $6 a canister so I don't get it often and when I do, I STRETCH it out!  I love adding a tablespoon in my oatmeal! YUM!

This is a favorite of Chris's from back during my Randalls shopping deals when he first had it and just recently I've started enjoying it too! I LOVE thin sliced tomato, hummus, and tuna on top....YUM!!!
A salad just isn't a salad without a little kick! Don't forget the black olives and feta too!!!
And last but not least....sugar snap peas!  I buy these each week and don't share them. Seriously.

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