Friday, September 14, 2007

Coming up short....

Well, Chris and I were up pretty late last night discussing that's always a fun conversation...NOT!!!!! I went over what the bills are, what we've paid and set up to pay through our BillPay while we're gone and what we are left with is not so lovely!

After talking, arguing, whatever you want to call it :o) , it's probably best if we don't make the Orlando trip while down there. I'm so depressed, but I know Chris is right and he's bummed out too but it would just hurt us too much to take a $300 trip which is what we'll have to spend at least, while going to Disney. We planned on just doing Magic Kingdom and bringing our own stuff, but after reading their rules/regulations last night we realized we will have to buy food while there, add in the gas and any other small expenses with the tickets, it definitely adds up.

I don't know why I'm so sad this morning and have COMPLETE anxiety about how to tell Adrianna. I mean she's only 41/2...she'll get over it. I guess I deal with the feelings of when I was little, my dad ALWAYS promised EVERY YEAR that we would go to Disney and he NEVER too us! So, I guess I did what I ALWAYS do . . . think too big and not think about the consequences or think it all the way through. MAN! WHY AM I LIKE THAT!!! WHY WOULD I MAKE THE SAME PROMISES? UGH, it makes me so mad and disappointed in myself!

OKay, enough of that...I have to look on the positive side...WE ARE GOING ON A BASICALLY FREE VACATION TO FLORIDA !!!!!!! Sometimes I feel like my attitude is one of a spoiled brat and I am not even spoiled! LOL We have enough money saved to get a rental car for the week ($150 for 7 days), groceries, and gas and I really should be proud of myself for being able to save just for that!!! We live paycheck to paycheck and are going through this time in our lives trying to just make it work with me staying home with two kids and Chris transitioning into a new Restaurant Concept, WhichWich? but I know and trust that it will all work out. I'm doing the right thing staying home and raising my family, supporting my husband and trying to always find new ways to decrease our debt and increase our income. All my friends make fun of me in my creative ways to make a dollar. :o)

So part of me wants to delete my "Disney Vacation" blog because I'm embarrassed that we aren't going, but I'm not because that's what I get for ALWAYS being a big mouth, speaking what's on my mind INSTANTLY and getting excited about things without thinking them completely through. Maybe I'll learn my lesson one day, HA!

Now the tough part, creating a story to explain why we can't go see Cinderella's Castle to my 41/2 yr old...any suggestions? :o)

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