Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Just 2 more days

After today, I just have TWO more days of my routine and then it all goes OUT THE WINDOW....vacation will officially begin!! One week of no bedtimes, no set snack times and meals, not too many rules/regulations, NO PHONE CALLS, no responsibilities.....ahhhhhhh how nice that's going to be! One week of fun and relaxation with my 3 favorite people in the world!

My packing lists are complete for all four of us. My luggage is gathered. My paperwork is in order. My bills are paid/scheduled to be paid. My household chores are almost completely done. Almost all of the small details are figured out. And my mindset is ALMOST in vacation mode. This is GREAT! :o)

I was watching Golden Girls this morning and seeing the palm trees in their front yard made me so excited to go back to Florida. There is no better smell than the beach to help you relax, that's for sure! You take it for granted when you live there and DEFINITELY miss it when your not there. Chris and I were talking last night about all the places it would be nice to revisit, all the people we would love to see, but there just isn't enough time to do it all and we, especially HE needs the break to RELAX and not run all over the place. :o) My idea of vacation and his idea of VACATION are two totally different things. I can never sit still and like to be busy busy busy, and needless to say he likes to do the opposite if we are supposedly vacationing. LOL

So, the rest of this week will be full and busy.....but that's how I like it anyway AND we are working towards getting a BREAK....Isn't that nice?!

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