Monday, May 5, 2008

Christopher's 2nd Birthday Party

Okay, here it is! :o) I had big ideas of what the party was going to look like, what games we were playing, but most important how it was going to be decorated. Lots of different colors, streamers, his bday banner hung high, stuffed elmos, Sesame Street characters in particular places, a blown up ball pit to play in, balloons, and more.... well guess what??? I HATE THE WIND!!!! The weather was SUPPOSED to be hot and sunny, not cool and BREEZY!!!! While setting up, half of my stuff blew all over the place, and needless to say I just gave up on table cloths and streamers and did the best I could (after crying to Chris of course!) It was quite comical to say the least. Christopher had a blast with his constant snotty nose, and even though I couldn't get any shots without him looking windblown,it was a GREAT party! :o) All the kids enjoyed themselves and really only care about the cake and piling in to see the presents be opened. Why many of us mommies put so much stress on birthday parties is beyond me, but hey at least I don't have any more planning to do until the New Year 2009! Thank goodness!

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