Friday, May 23, 2008

My Little Artists

We have had a FULL week, between giving our "Grassheads" haircuts, testing out Christopher's new Art Easel, playing in the pool, 3 playdates, shopping with Aunt Beni in the "ghetto" for the Asian Nail Supplies :o), played dressup as usual, and PICKING TOMATOES from our tomato plant!!!! That was the highlight of the week for me, he-he!
I've also started reading a GREAT book given to my from my friend Jenn called "Captivating" and I can tell I'm going to LOVE it! Kyle is over in Africa check out the amazing info here, we are working on getting ready for our Backyard Bible Club at the end of June, We had a great experience serving at the Round Rock Area Serving Center, My friend Sabrina finally had her precious little boy ( I saw him on Wednesday and he's GORGEOUS!), I met a new friend with a little girl Adrianna's age, I ran 3 times this week, I organized linen closets and am completely through with laundry!!! My week was officially full and successful!

I'm currently getting ready to put my third Avon order together, making spaghetti sauce and am SO LOOKING FORWARD to hanging out with the kids and daddy at the pool this weekend! We've had a wonderful week and now it's time to rest...whew!

Oh and did I mention we are DONE WITH SOFTBALL FOR THIS SEASON??!! It was definitely an adjustment for us and our schedules and we loved it, but I'm just glad we get a summer break! It was great to be "Dugout Mom", form little bonds with all the sweet girls, and see her make new little friends, all the moms were great, being on a team was SO MUCH FUN and we look forward to it again in the fall. This was a taste of what it's going to be like when she starts Kindergarten. I am going to be 100% involved in her class, know all the kids and have them all know me, it'll be such a great experience for both Adrianna and me! Her team party is tomorrow and the "Closing Ceremonies" are next she is at her last game...

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! I'll catch you next week!

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