Saturday, May 10, 2008

IronMan is HOT!

So, last night was our date night and since it's Mother's Day "weekend", yes I get the WHOLE weekend, (wink) we decided to go to a late movie last night. Chris was willing (guilted) into going to see Maid of Honor, well at least that was my plan until he came home telling me that he thought I would like to see IronMan. :o) "It has some romance in it too Gina, Gweneth Paltrow is in it" , like that was going to convince me, ha! I did see Robert Downey Jr. on a couple late night talk shows discussing the movie and was intrigued....I think he's HOT! Don't ask me why, I know he's a little older but I just LOVE him!

So we went to see IronMan and guess what? I LOVED IT!!!! It was really great, action packed, a little flirtatiousness, the good guy bad guy bit and all . . . I would go back to see it again. I adore Chris's love for movies and SO enjoy going with him to share in his #1 love so if it means seeing a superhero movie, I'm game. I left "wowed" by it so that was cool too! So ladies, give your husband a little something, surprise him with some Iron Man tickets and take him on a date! That'll get you some extra shopping time/money guaranteed! :o) It did for me at least.... LOL!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

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