Monday, May 12, 2008


Today I am filled with PMDS (Post Mother's Day Stress!). I had the BEST weekend I could ask for and had LOTS of fun, PLAYED ALOT, and now oh boy, I'm stressed!!!!! I have the menu to plan, laundry to start, organizing to do, playdates, Bible Studies, TBall and volunteering at the Round Rock Area Serving Center . . . BACK TO REALITY! :o)

My Mother's Day "weekend" started off late Friday night going to the movies with my honey - - Saturday was spent with my family at Chuckie Cheese, shopping for clothes for mommy (Daddy picked out some cute outfits for me, I'm SO lucky to have a man that loves to watch me try clothes on!) - - Sunday morning I awoke to presents in bed, a fresh cup of coffee and this . . .

I ate a GREAT a breakfast of Portabello Mushroom Omelet, Pancakes, Turkey Sausage, Home Fries, Wheat Bagel and fresh sliced strawberries...YUMMMMMMMMM! (Yes, the man not only cleans and has patience of a saint but he COOKS TOO, and GOOOOOODDDDDDD!) Then I got dressed in one of my new outfits and headed to Starbucks for a Light Frappuccino with Erika, hit Ikea and then met Cindy over at the outlets to get some swimsuits and clothes!! My day of shopping lasted about 4 hours and then I got home with some goodies using my Visa Gift Card from Chris and opened a bottle of wine . . . WHAT A WAY to end my perfect weekend. I cuddled up with Chris since the kids both fell asleep early and we watched some tv together with some wine and a great talk about how thankful I am for ALL that I have. (Adrianna took this pic of me before I left...the girl is good...LOL)

I realized yesterday how full my life is . . . I have an amazing, adoring husband, 2 beautiful and healthy kids, and a great circle of friends that I absolutely love! Now that I just typed out this blog I feel relaxed and can go tackle project #1 on my list...dishes! :o)

Hope you all had a great weekend too!!!!

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