Monday, August 25, 2008

Day 1 - - - Mission Complete!

Well, we made it! We ALL made it through Adrianna's first day of school! My sweet little angel, beginning her big journey. It was a WONDERFUL day for her. I wrote a long mushy blog but decided to put it in our private "Family Moments" blog for her to sit back and enjoy one day. She did great, can't wait to go back and see all her new "friends" tomorrow and I couldn't be happier! I was SO excited picking her up this afternoon and was very animated, loud, and full of questions. All my sweet little girl could say (after giving me only one word answers) was, "Mommy, can you please stop asking me so many questions about my day in school? I'm tired of answering so many questions". She is totally her father's daughter, that's for sure! LOL I was a little bummed that she didn't basque in the excitement, but was quickly reminded by my sister (who is opposite of me completely) that not everyone has my personality but it doesn't mean she didn't have the BEST day, she just doesn't need to spit it all out the minute she gets into the car! :o)

I love my "Sweet Girl"! (Her teacher even came up and told me after school that she is SO SWEET!)


Cindy said...

Yeah! Glad that she had a great day and that you survived too! :-)

Amanda said...

Absolutely gorgeous! She looks like a little model and so does hot mommy!!!

You need some HOT PTA MOM flair! :)