Saturday, August 2, 2008

Kindergarten Party . . . Let the planning begin!

I am wanting to start a tradition now that Adrianna is starting school this year! We've decided to throw a Kindergarten Kickoff Party for her this year and from next year on I guess we'll call it a Back to School Party!

School starts here August 25th and we'll be on vacation the week before that which we are also going to try to plan the week before school from here on out since vacations have to be during summer break from here on out too. :o) So looks like we'll be doing her party on the 16th, two days before we head to N.Padre for the week.

We are going to do a bbq, with a waterslide set up in the back yard for the kids and I'm thinking of this for the cake, not set on it yet, but came across this one and liked it, still looking at my other options, LOL . . .
This is quite cute though and I figured it would be super easy to make and writing on the cardboard would be simple too...we'll see!

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