Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My husband, the Writer..

For it is in times of silence that we truly hear what our heart has always known. Allow yourself times of silence, be patient, wait for your heart to answer and listen intently to the truth that is bestowed.

Often in life, days rush by, time like the wind, often goes by unnoticed.

Have you taken a moment to listen for what you are truly feeling?

Do you fear, what you may hear?

Fear not, inspiration and ideas come to those who are patient, wait, and listen for the clear and instinctual thoughts that are born in silence.

Shhhhh…….be quiet and listen.

Chris Auditore


Sabrina said...

I love how much you love your husband and how you show it all the time. You guys are a wonderful example of a happy marriage.

Gina said...

Thanks Sabrina! He does get on my nerves at times, but he is truly my dream come true! LOL