Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's obvious I haven't been sharing too many thoughts lately on this blog and to be honest, it's just because I haven't had the time. I really shouldn't say "haven't had the time", more like "investing my time more outward" which bumps the blogging down a few notches. :o)

I am thrilled today! I use the word "thrilled" because I don't know how to express the level of "high" I'm on. I think twice sometimes about expressing my joy because I don't want it to be taken in any other way, especially not a bragging way, because that's totally not what I'm doing. We moved here 6 years ago this month and I NEVER could have dreamed that we would be where we are right now. The huge, big news is that we are starting to try for BABY NUMBER 3!!!!!!!! I said over and over after Christopher that we were DONE, and I believed it, heck, I got rid of EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL But Chris and I had a talk one night and long story short, we are both ready, that's what's important. So this month will be spent upgrading health insurance, talking with doctors about getting a VBAC2C. I've had the 2 Cesareans and am looking at my options for this upcoming pregnancy, still researching and gathering information. We actually have an appointment at the Austin Birthing Center on the 22nd so that should be FUN!

Life is strange. Life is amazing. Life is crazy. Life is hectic. Life is a gift. I spent the first 23 years hating life(that's a little harsh, I didn't HATE it, just didn't LOVE it). Now I've spent the last 9 years so full of love and LIFE, I thank the Lord for that. He brought Chris to me, and through Chris my life was turned around! I pushed the move here to Texas for Chris to be close to his family, leaving mine and all my friends behind. I didn't really understand and couldn't explain why we were doing it, it just FELT right. It's been a crazy ride here in Texas the last 6 years, from being totally LONELY, to now being surrounded by tons of FRIENDS, not just acquaintances, but FRIENDS. We are around tons of kids all the time, and I really do love it! I have embraced the role of a stay at home mom, it's the best reward I could ever recieve. Being a wife, mother, and homemaker comes first and I wouldn't want it any other way EVER. That's the easy stuff, because I love it and have yearned for it my whole life. What takes work is being a friend, not just to the people I already have, but reaching out to those that I don't know. Giving life to those people I am not super close too and well as my close friends and family that I adore.

I've found my niche in blogging....it's all about the money saving blogs! I love being referred to by my friends as their "Coupon Girl", I love showing people how to save money. I love sharing makeup tips and ideas with my friends. I love learning parenting tips from them! I love all the crafty tips and ideas they give me. I love how they make me laugh!!!!!!!!! I've spent the past few nights obsessed with uploading pics to different websites that have free deals, just pay small shipping amounts and I've only finished 2008 and most of 2007. One of the things that hit me while I was uploading and viewing all of these beautiful memories was how many of those pictures had Kyle, Erika, and Kylie in them!!! Adrianna and Kylie, posing on a Hippo, trick or treating two years in a row, Old Tyme Days, Birthdays, Holidays, trips to the park, in pjs watching a movie, dressup after dressup, and it truly goes on and on. I realized just how blessed my family is.

Since I met and became friends with Erika, SO MUCH has happened!! My circle of friends has expanded from Ruth and Erika to Cindy,Sabrina,Carrie,Catherine,Sarah, Jenn, Melissa and on and on! These are women that I truly can call my friends. I can drop my kids off in an emergency and I know they'll be well taken care of. I can call them crying and they will listen, really listen. They've been there to bring dinners by to help out in a hectic week, drop off wine and chocolates to help me when I'm stressed, grab the kids to give me a day to myself, go to the movies with, share my stories with and listen to theirs as well! Some relationships move a little slower but that's okay, it takes time to build any relationship!

Having that investment made in me by one person, Erika, ignited a fire inside of me. Made me remember how great it feels to give to people, share your life with people, and just love them! This past year, I've spent more and more time reaching outward and I have felt more and more fulfilled than ever! Spending some time in that area of my life, makes my family life feel even more rewarding! As a SAHM, I spend 3-4 days a week hanging out with different friends, doing crafts, playing in backyards or parks, spending library time, etc. and the kids love it. There are weeks that I do need to stay home more and do, and Adrianna of course always says, who are we going to go play with today? My little quiet social butterfly! LOL

I guess what I'm trying to say is that by giving more life outward, I receive more within, maybe that's what being filled up by the Holy Spirit is, I don't know but I do know that is a feeling I don't want to go away. It's hard to be a wife, mother and friend, that's for sure. It's hard to juggle all of that and make time for yourself, especially if you are a spontaneous person like me and are not so keen on strict routine. Don't get me wrong, routine is good, but I need a balance of both. I plan my menu weekly, I write out my activites, I schedule some time to run, I schedule a date night and daddy/daughter day/night once a month and that's good enough for me. I usually always have my laundry done by Friday, house dusted, floors swept daily, bathrooms cleaned on the weekend and that's as scheduled as it gets. I tried breaking it down to a daily cleaning list but it just didn't work, well it did for a short while, but then I dropped it!

You have to find what works for you, but anyone can step outside of their comfort zone. I watched a sermon by TD Jakes a few weeks ago and he said something like "If you know it, you are living on facts. If you're not sure about it, not comfortable with it, that's living on faith!". He said it so much better and sent chills through my body. I want to always feel a little inconvenienced, a little unsure, and leave it in God's hands. Since I've chosen to hear his voice and chase after him these past two years I have all this proof of the amazing things he does for those who listen....

Thank you God! Thank you for all the opportunities you've given us to receive. Thank you for giving us all these people we are living life with . . . you are such an awesome God! I can't wait to look back on this blog 2 years from now! :o)

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Sabrina said...

This entry made me cry, thanks for posting. Love you xxx