Friday, July 25, 2008

Adrianna's New OBSESSION!

I can say a ton about it, but don't have the time... I've given into Adrianna's b-e-g-g-i-n-g and we are "Hannah Crazy"!

We have school pencils, pens, pencil cases, notebooks, barbies (yes more than one!), lip gloss, hand cream, hair accessories, and it goes on and on . . . already at 5!!!!

The one thing I will say about my little Adrianna is that she is a PERFORMER and has been since she could walk and talk. She loves to sing, dance, and act. She's a natural, I swear!! I'm not just saying that because I'm the proudest mommy in the world, EVERYONE who knows her has and still does say that about it. Some kids just have it. I'm looking forward to see where it takes her one day. Her favorite part of the show is the concert part and her singing and dancing. Some of the show is a little grown up but it is my responsibility as her mom to teach her the behavior she is and isn't allowed to have. She is going to be starting school in a month and that opens up the world for her, the world outside of home, and I'm SO EXCITED for her, even though with that chapter beginning comes lots of new challenges for all of us, but that's what growing up is, right? That is one reason I am totally against homeschooling, but that isn't something I want to blog about or be torn up about by readers either. To each their own, I say. :o)

Here is the latest purchase for her hot pink walls... LOL

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